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Paints and Products we use and trust

Paints and Products we use and trust

If you are an owner or manager of a property in Bristol. Either Residential or commercial, if you need high quality painting and decorating services. Then  you have come to the right place. Our team of skilled Painters, Decorators, Carpenters, Plasterers and Stoneworkers all have one thing in common. Based on their years of combined experience and using many different manufacturers and their products, we can say many a coffee break and tea break has been spent discussing who does what best.

However we can confidently say that now we have an in depth understanding of what products work best in various applications. We can confidently recommend that when it comes to colour choice, mixing, durability and quality. No one else has range of consitently high performance finishes and decoration products locally available as Dulux..

Farrow & Ball
However if you require more toned down heritage colours then we are able to offer you our experience in Farrow & Ball Coatings , follow link to see more of there great colour range. They have an excellent article on their website to help you understand how to choose the right colours for your project based on light and architecture.

How to Use Colour
Read more here  Farrow & Ball have an excellent article on their website to help you understand how to choose the right colours for your project based on light and architecture.

Your Consultation Meeting, what to expect..

We already have many combined years of experience within our team at MK Simpson Decorators. We have learnt that transparent communication is essential. We have learnt it is necessary to inform our newer customers what is involved in achieving a good decorative finish. With older properties we are often and quite literally "opening a can of worms"  sometimes old timberwork will literally dissintegrate in our hands as we start to prepare it.

"A a result we will use our Expertise where possible to help budget for hidden expense further down the line as our experince has helped us read certain indicators of what a job may entail."

Different levels of quality and their longevity also range in time and cost. For good communications we have learnt that it is necessary for us to manage your expectations regarding the different levels of preparation and finish to expect regarding the estimate/ quotation that you will receive from us;

Below are a description of the terms we use throughout this website;

  • Tidy Up : This involves minimal preparation, sanding, surface filling of existing paintwork, caulking cracks and repainting existing with fresh paint to give a clean fresh appearance to the area and its trimmings) A tidy up service is popular amongst Landlords offering short term residential and Student lets. Suitable for properties with high tenant turnovers and properties that are often neglected by their tenants.
  • Renovation : This is the next level of decoration,  Usually prefered by home owners and families. Renovation work involves more extensive preparatory work, the stabilisation, repair and filling of much larger holes and damage in timbers, walls and ceilings. The use of more technical repair materials, specialist epoxy and polyester resins to create stronger longer lasting repairs. Renovation often involves replacing areas of timber work, architraves, door linings, skirting boards and windows where necessary. Can involve plastering of small ares and ceilings. This is more costly in the short term however it definitely reduces ongoing re-decorating costs due to the stabilisation of the substrate.
  • Restoration : This is similar to renovation work but with even more time and budget allocated to more structural areas of older properties in the area. We often involve the work of our associate tradesmen in the area. Restoration will often involve replacing whole sash and box windows, organising larger areas of replastering and rendering. Where possible during a restoration the aim is to preserve wher possible the original features and character of a building and can involve time consuming restorative work to original cornicing, timberwork, staircases through out a property.
  • Heritage / Conservation: This is preserving to the utmost quality the original materials, techniques, character of heritage buildings,with great care and attention taken to all original and existing features aiming to replace as little as possible but repair and restore to the former glory the building once had.

We always aim to build and maintain where possible long term and fruitful relationships with our customers. We are happy to explain at all stages of the job from the initial consultation meeting to final execution what will be involved for your project in regards to time, materials and labour.

Contact Us

M K Simpson Decorators

Michael Simpson
Telephone: 0117 924 4805
Mobile: 07833 677 980

Commercial Painters and Decoration Services in Bristol

Bristol Painting and Decorators-8215Commercial Painting and decoration services in Bristol. We are known a one of Bristol’s premier Commercial Painting and Decoration Services working throughout the Avon area in an around the surrounding areas of Bristol. We are able to undertake contact work, one off projects or negotioate and execute commercial decoration projects that require maintenance and re dcorating with an ongoing contractual basis. We are able to meet with you and discuss your painting and decorating needs.

We offer fast economical decoration where time is important. Below are some examples of the projects we undertake.

  • Student Lets betwen terms.
  • Office Spaces, Work Spaces
  • Shop Fit Redecoration
  • Large Volume Painting
  • Commercial Warehouse spaces
  • Specialist finishes
  • Public Health Centres, Hospitals
  • Schools, Colleges
  • Hotels, New build housing developments.

Our reputation is extremely important to us and we know this applies to all businesses. As such we are aware that when you wish to redecorate your office, shop or other commercial premises, business interruption is not an option. Because of this we offer our commercial clients viable solutions such as dust free sanding, working out of hours and working in stages so that you can operate as normal at all times.

We can provide interior design advice which can be helpful to optimise and individualise your premises should you have regular client visits. Should your operation be more industrious we offer advice on a range of products and materials, from intumescent coatings, anti slip floor coatings, anti graffiti or climb paints to thermal coatings and low VOC or vapour products. 

Please contact us for information on how we can assist.    

Window Repair and Restoration Services in Bristol

Window Repair Care Options

Window Repair and Restoration Services in Bristol. Repair, Restore, Renovate or Conserve your windows, many options available, the choice is yours. The above images are commonplace throughout the Bristol area especially amongst the older Victorian and Edwardian buildings.
Replacement window Sills, Boards and Beadings;
If their is a tight budget to work to, it is not always necessary to repair a whole window unit. Our trained carpenters can remove single window boards or beads and replace with exterior grade treated replacement timber. These repairs last many years  and will outlive the original window units.
The Repair Care system;
If the decay is in smaller localised areas  we can use The Repair Care system (read more) which is a combination of a high speed routing machine to remove all decaying timber whilst leaving the surrounding substrates that are still stable intact. Then a high strength, high bond, specialist epoxy resin is mixed and used to repair the gaps. Once cured it has similar working characteristics to timber but with much higher strength and longevity. Out living the surrounding timber it repairs The Repair Care System will be buying you many years of precious time before you finally replace or upgrade all of the buildings windows.
Dry Seal System
Environmentally it is beneficial to reinstate joinery rather than to replace, especially when non-timber based replacements are considered. DRY SEAL is a flexible glazing sealant for replacing linseed oil putties in new or existing windows and for bedding timber glazing beads.  It can be painted or stained and is suitable for use on most frames and glass.
Restoration & Conservation:
The Dry Seal system has been used for 20 years and is specified by professional conservators and organisations that have an interest in retaining the original character of buildings.  It is specified for listed buildings as well as estates and individual properties.
All the decay is removed and the joinery is rebuilt in-situ with minimal disturbance to the buildings occupants.  All Repair Care products are solvent free and virtually odourless.  In almost all cases the original glass and fittings can be saved and internal decorations are unaffected.

Exterior Decoration Services Bristol

We are very proud of the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained over the years relating to all aspects of exterior restoration and redecoration. In order to help with your own project, we can advise you on the best materials to use to provide you with a quality, optimum finish alongside maximum longevity. Below is a list of some of the projects we undertake:

  • Building Walls, Scaffoldings
  • Boundary walls, Dividing Walls
  • Entrance doors, Doorways
  • Metal Railings, Timber Fences
  • Garages, Garage Doors, Gates,
  • Roofing Soffit boards, Balconies
  • Windows, Timber Window Repairs
  • Sash Windows, Repair/Replacement
  • Commercial / Residential

We offer quality, lasting solutions to repair, protect and finish even the worst rotten sash windows or other wooden architecture, (click here).

Bristol Painters and Decorators-6131

We also provide masonry repair and protection from limewash to stormshield coatings for a guaranteed protective finish. 

We have worked on many prestigious exterior projects over the years and we’re confident that should you choose us to carry out your work, your satisfaction and piece of mind is guaranteed.

We have extremely competitive scaffold rates and we will ensure your property is safe, secure and tidy at the close of each working day.   

Interior Decoration Services

Interior Decoration Services in Bristol. We are extremely mindful of how we treat our client’s and their homes or workplaces as we understand how much the slightestdecoration and restoration mess or disruption can affect their lives. As such we, carry a full range of specialistb dust sheets, protective coverings, dust free extraction for our sanding equipment. We always protect of our client’s furnishings and belongings prior work commencement and aim to leave all premises clean and tidy at the end of our working day.

We carry out all aspects of interior decoration,


  • Residential Wall Painting: We are specialists in everyday standard emulsion finishes, single walls, feature walls to complete property renovation and redocoration. Your choice of colours from standard to specialist finishes.
  • Commercial Wall painting: Private & Public Sector buildings and workspaces, offices, contactual maintenance decoration, schools and colleges.
  • Wall Repairs; we are able to repair anything from small cracks and imperfections to complete damp proofing, dry lining, insulation stud lining, dot and dab and complete replastering as and where necessary.
  • Wall Coverings, Lining Papers, Specialist Wall Papers, Feature Walls, to Special effects and Industrial coatings and finishes.


  • Standard ceilings: Simple home and rental accomodation ceiling preparation and repainting
  • Listed buildings: Decoration of ornate and high feature ceilings including Heritage projects and products and techniques that meet Graded and listed building regulations and specifications
  • Repairs:  We are able to offer plasterwork and ornamental feature repairs and decoration,
  • Details: Covings, ornate cornicings, ceiling roses and ornamental features. We offer installation, repair, restoration and replacement where needed.
  • Ceiling Spraying: We have high pressure high volume spraying equipment to ensure the absolutely hughest quality finish and even paint application, on even the most ornate of ceiling plaster work. Saving you time and money in labour with the highest standard paint finish available.

Internal Timber Work

Painter and decorator bristol-0590

  • Strip timbers: Architrave, Skirting boards, Picture Rails, Dado Rails
  • Doors: Internal doors Entrance doors, partinion doors, bi-fold doors, patio doors, back doors and Solid timber doors and glass panelled doors
  • Feature timberwork panels: decorative wall panels, timber, decorative glazing, beaded panels and stained glass door panels
  • Windows: Timber window, frames, timber window shutterings
  • Sash windows: Repair, Replacement and Installation
  • Staircases: Staircase decoration, Staircase Spindles, Stringers, Handrails, Newel Posts and Newels
  • Timber Cornice and Cove: Ornate timber cornices, corbels, carvings and decorative plaques.
  • Timber Floors: Sanding, repairs, colour matching, refinishing/ painting variety of coatings and finishes
  • Shelving and Cupboards: Storage areas

Our attention to detail we believe is unsurpassed as every imperfection the eye can see is dealt with before any finishing coats are applied. We also use only trade quality materials combined with the best tools and equipment on the market to achieve the optimum  finishes.

Whether you have a tennanted property which requires a quick re-let, or a grade listed building, we are able to offer prices and levels of finish which are suitable for your budget or architectural requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require design or colour advice.


Hi Mike we are delighted with the work! Please let me know when you can fit in the outside work?

Thank you so much, cheers

A. Braithwaite  2015

"We have contracted Michael K Simpson and his staff to do work for our company (City Property Lets,), as and when required on an individual project basis. He has now carried out numerous contracts for us from painting individual rooms to complete interiors or exteriors for properties of all descriptions.

He is reliable and has always provided us with good clean tidy workmanship, and has adapted to the requirements of the specification as required.  We have no hesitation in recommending Michael"

City Property Lets, Bishopston, Bristol

"I would like to thank you for the job you did for Interface at their offices in Montpellier Court. Not only did you redecorate the property, but as an extra bonus you had to move all the office furniture, paint the walls, and move it back!

Jenny has asked that I pass on her thanks, they have had a good viewing this week, and it looks very hopeful the offices will be let shortly.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wanting a good decorator"

Trevor Bamford, Jenny Gee Communications

"I would like to put on record my appreciation for the work you did for us at our property at 2 Chapel Road.

The project was completed to a very good standard, on time, and on budget. The property is now tenanted, and a factor in the new tenants decision to rent was based in part on the good decor of the property.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wanting a good decorator."

Trevor Bamford, Medics on the Move

"Once the property I have redeveloped was technically finished, with the builders complete and the decorators finished, I found there was still a great deal of work which needed to be done, such as second coats of paint, holes to be filled and sufficiently rubbed down in order to complete a lot of the woodwork.

So that morning I called Mike up (after seeing the site) and by the same evening I met him at the property to discuss what he could do to make things look better. Mike was quick and efficient in giving me a quote and then took time out from his other jobs and home life to be on site for two nights, so that the house was market ready ASAP. The work he did was of fantastic quality and he even vacuumed up and left the house cleaner than when he arrived.

From the quality of work Mike has carried out, and the speed and efficiency he took to do it I would recommend him to anyone looking for a painter/decorator to take care of your property and complete all tasks without an ounce of paint where it shouldn't be."

Josh Bunce, Director, Insurface Media

"We recently carried out extensive works in our home and Michael worked for us as our decorator.  He was consistently diligent and conscientious in his work and pleasant to have around. We never had any reason whatsoever to doubt his honesty or integrity.

We are delighted that his trade continues and would be more than happy to use him again."

Mr and Mrs I Fairbairn, Abbots Leigh

 "I would like to thank both Michael and Kent for doing such a fantastic job on decorating my property. I had been decorating it myself on and off for the last five years and with the increased time needed for my business I needed someone to come and finish the mess I had started. Both Michael and Kent started work straight away and before I knew it they had transformed it into a brand new home. The finish and attention to detail was fantastic and when they discovered the wall paper downstairs came off a little too easily (my bathroom was leaking), they arranged for a plumber and had it all fixed before I came home from work.

I would highly recommend M K Simpson Decorators, they were professional, friendly and very good value. In Michael's own words: he solves problems and doesn't create them."

Luke Spencer, Director, Newicon Ltd

"During 2001-2002 we carried out extensive works in our home. Michael worked for us as a decorator. He was consistently diligent and conscientious in his work and pleasant to have around. We would be delighted to employ him again"

Mr and Mrs Fairbarn, Abbots Leigh

Painting and Decorating Services

  • Rotten wood repair and restoration
  • Door restoration
  • Emulsion work, (all finishes)
  • Gloss work, (all finishes)
  • Special effects
  • Interior design advice
  • Exterior painting and renovation
  • 2nd fix carpentry
  • Wall coverings, (all types)
  • Seamless lining paper, (please ask for details)
  • Intumescent and protective specialist coatings
  • Spraying
  • Excellent preparatory methods
  • Dust free sanding, (if required)
  • Eco-coating solutions
  • Exterior timber care
  • Epoxy repair and coating solutions
  • Limewash
  • Protective metal coatings
  • Wall covering removal
  • Floor varnishing
  • Commercially applicable floor coatings