Window Repair Care Options

Window Repair and Restoration Services in Bristol. Repair, Restore, Renovate or Conserve your windows, many options available, the choice is yours. The above images are commonplace throughout the Bristol area especially amongst the older Victorian and Edwardian buildings.
Replacement window Sills, Boards and Beadings;
If their is a tight budget to work to, it is not always necessary to repair a whole window unit. Our trained carpenters can remove single window boards or beads and replace with exterior grade treated replacement timber. These repairs last many years  and will outlive the original window units.
The Repair Care system;
If the decay is in smaller localised areas  we can use The Repair Care system (read more) which is a combination of a high speed routing machine to remove all decaying timber whilst leaving the surrounding substrates that are still stable intact. Then a high strength, high bond, specialist epoxy resin is mixed and used to repair the gaps. Once cured it has similar working characteristics to timber but with much higher strength and longevity. Out living the surrounding timber it repairs The Repair Care System will be buying you many years of precious time before you finally replace or upgrade all of the buildings windows.
Dry Seal System
Environmentally it is beneficial to reinstate joinery rather than to replace, especially when non-timber based replacements are considered. DRY SEAL is a flexible glazing sealant for replacing linseed oil putties in new or existing windows and for bedding timber glazing beads.  It can be painted or stained and is suitable for use on most frames and glass.
Restoration & Conservation:
The Dry Seal system has been used for 20 years and is specified by professional conservators and organisations that have an interest in retaining the original character of buildings.  It is specified for listed buildings as well as estates and individual properties.
All the decay is removed and the joinery is rebuilt in-situ with minimal disturbance to the buildings occupants.  All Repair Care products are solvent free and virtually odourless.  In almost all cases the original glass and fittings can be saved and internal decorations are unaffected.