Your Consultation Meeting, what to expect..

We already have many combined years of experience within our team at MK Simpson Decorators. We have learnt that transparent communication is essential. We have learnt it is necessary to inform our newer customers what is involved in achieving a good decorative finish. With older properties we are often and quite literally "opening a can of worms"  sometimes old timberwork will literally dissintegrate in our hands as we start to prepare it.

"A a result we will use our Expertise where possible to help budget for hidden expense further down the line as our experince has helped us read certain indicators of what a job may entail."

Different levels of quality and their longevity also range in time and cost. For good communications we have learnt that it is necessary for us to manage your expectations regarding the different levels of preparation and finish to expect regarding the estimate/ quotation that you will receive from us;

Below are a description of the terms we use throughout this website;

  • Tidy Up : This involves minimal preparation, sanding, surface filling of existing paintwork, caulking cracks and repainting existing with fresh paint to give a clean fresh appearance to the area and its trimmings) A tidy up service is popular amongst Landlords offering short term residential and Student lets. Suitable for properties with high tenant turnovers and properties that are often neglected by their tenants.
  • Renovation : This is the next level of decoration,  Usually prefered by home owners and families. Renovation work involves more extensive preparatory work, the stabilisation, repair and filling of much larger holes and damage in timbers, walls and ceilings. The use of more technical repair materials, specialist epoxy and polyester resins to create stronger longer lasting repairs. Renovation often involves replacing areas of timber work, architraves, door linings, skirting boards and windows where necessary. Can involve plastering of small ares and ceilings. This is more costly in the short term however it definitely reduces ongoing re-decorating costs due to the stabilisation of the substrate.
  • Restoration : This is similar to renovation work but with even more time and budget allocated to more structural areas of older properties in the area. We often involve the work of our associate tradesmen in the area. Restoration will often involve replacing whole sash and box windows, organising larger areas of replastering and rendering. Where possible during a restoration the aim is to preserve wher possible the original features and character of a building and can involve time consuming restorative work to original cornicing, timberwork, staircases through out a property.
  • Heritage / Conservation: This is preserving to the utmost quality the original materials, techniques, character of heritage buildings,with great care and attention taken to all original and existing features aiming to replace as little as possible but repair and restore to the former glory the building once had.

We always aim to build and maintain where possible long term and fruitful relationships with our customers. We are happy to explain at all stages of the job from the initial consultation meeting to final execution what will be involved for your project in regards to time, materials and labour.